Why use Alive! PTL as service providers?
Alive!PTL cc have been actively promoting community tourism development for 21 years, which makes is the oldest company in the Western Cape to do this.
The name reflects the training, mentoring and consulting approach viz. an ALIVE! process involving the individuals and organisations in the kaleidoscopic communities of South Africa by providing adult education and training in tourism and hospitality related skills.
Our slogan “Education for the people by the people through the people“ testifies to our commitment to serve the communities of Southern Africa through meaningful and authentic participation of beneficiaries.
According to the feedback from all our learners over the years, our facilitators are patient, disciplined, well prepared, passionate, well groomed and professional, having an answer to all questions. Many have said that the enthusiasm displayed by the facilitators rubbed off on them. Learners find the programmes enlightening and fun. Some mentioned that fact that they gained more confidence and that they felt motivated  after sessions.

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