According to the feedback from all our learners over the years, our facilitators are patient, disciplined, well prepared, passionate, well groomed and professional, having an answer to all questions. Many have said that the enthusiasm displayed by the facilitators rubbed off on them. Learners find the programmes enlightening and fun. Some mentioned that fact that they gained more confidence and that they felt motivated  after sessions.

Learnt from other guides that they had to come here for training
Facilitators are knowledgeable and enthusiastic “we can trust her” , she made the learners enjoy it” , “they know what they are talking about”
How will you utilise the knowledge gained?
I will share the information not only with  tourists, but with as many people as possible in my community so that they can realise the importance of looking after natural and cultural resources
Everyday living. Being a tourist guide or when I approach any person not only my tourists
This course has helped me to understand many things about our history that I did not know. It has been an invaluable experience.
The facilitator was very clear
Very enthusiastic and passionate
Very good understanding of learners
We learned a lot about ourselves
Learned form facilitator’s experience
The programme met my needs
I gained so much info I am going to be an outstanding tourist guide
Blew my mind away altered perceptions. Life changing
Language School

How will you utilise the knowledge gained?
In my work place. Helping clients by talking to them in their language or at least greeting them in the language
…Generally being able to  understand and help the public
communicate with the patients as well as my colleagues at work
good course. I recommend it to all those who don’t know the Afrikaans language
quality of work: Excellent. Interaction with class and learner made it easier to learn.
Professional way of presenting. Good interpersonal skills (Jeremia Kiewiet)
Content was relevant
I has mixed feelings of learning Xhosa, but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised that I can actually eavesdrop on the train abs catch some sentences. I want to tank Siziwe because she made the lessons fun and I really looked forward to coming to class (Norma Darius)
The facilitator was excellent ad open t p us
The facilitator was very well prepared. The course gave insight on not only te language, but various aspects of the Xhosa culture.
Highly recommended (Portia Viljoen)

Thank you for teaching me a language that was once illegal to learn or speak. Had a breakthrough

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